5 ways to stay motivated


(sorry for the gross blur.. still popping though HA!)

You are not just the seed in the dirt, you are the flower that blooms from it

Good evening my amazing birdies, How was everyone’s week. thank God its Friday am I right?. What are your weekend plans? what kind of motives do you have in store? today’s topic is about getting back on track of staying motivated through life. yes, there will be days that we can forget about where we want to be at in life, we sometimes are so distracted on social media worrying about someone else’ life; rather than focusing on our own. let’s face it how many times a day do you scroll through your feed wishing, wishing and wishing to be like that youtuber or having that kind of life?. It can be a bit draining right? sometimes we think ” why can’t I get there right now in my life.”

and the thing is that you will, the way you think is the way the universe will respond back to you good or bad. it’s all starts what we have to create in our lives and the way we think. how can we change the way we view our life? here are 5 tips to help motivate your life and getting out of that mindset and toxic habits.


  • GET OUT: The main thing to motivation is getting out of your cozy bed and getting your day started. the moment you wake up thats the first start of starting something new. after you bath and pamper yourself, nourish your body with plenty of veggies and fruity sensations. how about a great cleaning your home can be a boost of motivation by blasting your favorite music and cleaning that nasty, negative vibes in your environment and clearing your mind as well. get out and get your day started
  • EXERCISE: Let your blood boil, let your heart pound with positive and nourish energy. there are loads of ways to exercise when you don’t want to spend loads of money at a gym. You can go to your local store and purchase affordable equipment that can be very reasonable. if you don’t want to purchase equipment thats alright, you can always download workout apps that are free and it can help you create your own workout routine. it can be a fun, creative way to boost your motivation for your mind and body to stay healthy.
  • HYDRATE: I can’t stress this enough, always, always, always  STAY HYDRATED. it’s super important to drink room temperature water to help your body stay fresh and help boost your thinking, focus, and productivity every morning, evening and night. make sure when you go to bed set a water bottle next to your bed and once you wake up to take your first sips, to help boost energy and motivation before getting out of bed.
  • SPEND TIME ALONE: Sometimes we loved being around others and sometimes we just want to stay to ourselves and that it always okay. however, there are times where we are afraid of being alone because it makes us feel like we need someone or something right there next to us to feel whole. when you spend time alone it’s not a bad thing. did you know spending time with yourself can help boost your life span and creativity? crazy right, when we spend time with ourselves alone we can fully understand what we like or don’t like, set important appointments for our wellbeing, can boost our creativity and learning where we need to be at in our life. it’s an amazing thing to boost motivation as well. spending time alone can guide you to mind opening opportunities that we always miss being surrounded by others and getting distracted. im not saying kick your friends, spouse, and family out of your life, im saying make sure you take time out of the week to have alone for yourself . have a date with yourself, hang out by yourself and learn, it’s super important that we learn more about ourselves. we can get so caught up with learning others; which it’s not bad, just don’t lose focus on yourself either. your wellbeing should always come first.
  • TRUSTING THE PROCESS: The most important and final step is having faith and trusting the process. there will be days where we can feel like nothing is happening when we focus on our path that we set for. we can work so hard, plan a lot yet we look around seeing others making it and we think ” well what about me” leave that mindset everytime it pops up. ignore that negative thinking. continue to blossom and be creative whatever you love to do continue to do it. don’t stop because of that way of thinking, you will become what you put out into the universe, onto God’s hands, you will make it. your process is being developed every day and every second because you have the ability to make it come true. don’t give up your day is coming. you have to trust, never compare, never overthink, because everyone is different and come from different backgrounds, everyone is unique, even you. like I always say ” whatever you put out in your life, is what you will receive.”

what I want you guys to do is going outside and make your wishes into reality. because you too will make it, never say never and don’t ever down yourself. it’s okay to take your time when creating the life you want and the path you build. I believe in you and always believe in yourself and the process. I hope you guys enjoyed this inspiring and uplifting story that will continue to blossom and help you become more motivated because we are all worth it and we will make it. have an amazing weekend, stay safe and live your life to the fullest.



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